Candy Day


Mayor Kevin Timmermann, MIDDLE, signs a proclamation for Candy Day on Oct. 14.

A Clearwave Communications official addressed concerns about work performed in Breese at Breese City Council's Sept. 20 meeting.

Mayor Kevin Timmermann said the city's biggest complaints with Clearwave Communications' work in town is there were still some open trenches the other day and some open manholes too.

"This morning I was going to work and I saw along Walnut Street, you had holes open just with the cones sitting on the sidewalk. That's not good enough," he said.

Pierre Hodges of Clearwave said they're riding around to take care of that to make sure they're closed and they have four employees on deck at all times.

"Probably by Oct. 10 we should be done pulling cable and splicing in Breese. We definitely apologize for maybe not getting to things on time and your yards being torn up, but we will not leave out of here with you unhappy," Hodges said.

Timmermann said this has been a learning experience for the city with what they know now and what they were told at the beginning.

"We would've approached this at a different angle for sure," he said.

The council approved business district grants.

Timmermann said they ended up with $55,000 in grants for 11 of the businesses in town.

"I'm hoping for next year we have a little bit better participation," he said.

The council tabled a vote on a Tax Increment Financing assignment to DSS Breese LLC.

"I reached out to Todd Juehne today. I have not received a response. I just alerted him to the situation about the particular issues with the original assignment that was assigned a few years back," City Attorney Joanne Stevenson said.

The council approved O's Acres Subdivision and Blake Hudspeth First Subdivision.

"We have to vote on this because it's a mile and a half within the city of Breese," Alderman Carl Ratermann said.

Ratermann reported the Main Street project is stopped for now for about two weeks so crews can do some dirt work someplace else.

"The Main Street project will be tentatively done by Nov. 1, so it will not interfere with shopping season," Timmermann said.

Alderman Tim Schleper said to use crosswalks and stop at them for the kids.

"The principal is going to make an announcement for the kids to use crosswalks. Whether they do or not, we all know how that works, but he's going to recommend they start sticking to them, so there's not such a chance of somebody getting hit," Davinroy said.

Alderman Bill Fischer reported the last park board meeting for this year is Sept. 28 at 6 p.m.

Alderman Terry Fields reported there will be a zoning hearing Oct. 6 at 7:30 p.m. in regards to an area bulk variance at 171 and 195 South Fourth Street.

"They're applying to make that into two lots," he said.

Alderman Bryan Eversgerd reported the leaf dump will open the first week of October.

"It'll be open on Wednesdays and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Leaves only please, weather permitting for Breese residents," he said.

The council also approved:

  • A pay estimate for Hank's Excavating for the North Cherry Street project in the amount of $87,457.39.
  • Designating Diamond Circle as a stop street at the intersection of North 12th Street going southbound.
  • Knotty Pine business district agreement
  • A proclamation for the Lions Club's Candy Day on Oct. 14.